​Parking Lot Striping

​Parking Lot Striping

If your business parking lot doesn’t have striping to indicate parking spots, it can quickly descend into madness once everyone comes in to park for the day, some people find it hard enough to park straight even with the guidance of lines on the asphalt, without them it can be a disaster! Laying striping on a parking lot may seem like an easy enough process, but there are many different aspects that need to be completed perfectly in order to make sure the paint bonds correctly with the surface of the parking lot, ensuring it doesn’t lift, chip or fade prematurely.

Striping and Stenciling
The indications in a parking lot are important to get correct, if the spaces aren’t wide enough for standard vehicles you may find people damaging each other’s vehicles trying to get in and out, and if handicapped spaces or no parking zones aren’t marked clearly you can run into issues down the line. There are common standards that help keep parking lots consistent and make it easier for people to park their vehicles. We can paint these markings according to current standards, and use the correct stencils where required, including marking out arrows, handicap spots, and no parking zones.

Surface Preparation
The paint that is used for parking lots forms a strong bond with the surface of the lot, as heavy vehicles are driving on them all day they need to be strong to withstand these loads. This paint needs a clean surface to ensure a proper bond with the surface, if there is any loose debris, oil or other chemicals on the surface before the paint is laid it can prevent the paint adhering properly and cause huge issues. We use high-pressure washers and special cleaners to ensure that the surface is clean and ready for any paint to bond with it strongly.

It can be easy to assume that in order to mark our a parking lot you just need to go to the hardware store and buy “white paint”, unfortunately, this is not the case. The paint, cleaners and surface treatments all need to be chosen very carefully depending on the type of surface it’s being sprayed onto, the weather of the area and many other factors. These are all factors we take into account before selecting the correct products for the job, having had experience painting many parking lots we know all the common mistakes that can be made and we avoid them carefully.

If your parking lot striping has been completed properly, you’ll enjoy a fresh and clearly marked parking lot for many years to come, but in order to keep it looking in tip-top condition, maintenance is recommended to ensure the lines are kept bright and clear. As the paint endures wear and weathering, the color can fade or chip under heavy use, so quick touch-ups are sometimes required to keep them looking fresh. If your parking lot striping has been completed poorly by another contractor, we can help touch up areas that have been damaged over time, using high-quality materials that will ensure a better and longer lasting bond. Check out our new post of outdoor fireplace and grill.



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