​​Outdoor Fireplace and Grill

​​Outdoor Fireplace and Grill

There is no greater luxury than having a built-in outdoor fireplace or pizza oven to enjoy hot delicious meals outside with your friends and family all year round. Having these cooking spaces constructed by a professional is important though, if the wrong products are used the cooking areas can be unsafe for use and may not last as long as they should. Paving Services Manassas Virginia have built many outdoor fireplaces and grills for our customers over the years, and ensure that they are built up to our high standard each and every time, allowing our customers to enjoy their outdoor spaces time and time again.

The materials for any outdoor feature that involves flame and heat needs to be thought out carefully. Many building materials have trapped air inside them which can heat up and expand, causing bricks and tiles to crack and even burst, which can not only damage your outdoor spaces but even lead to dangerous incidents that put you in harm’s way. We are aware of these risks and take every precaution to avoid them, only using materials that are approved to be used in high heat applications so that you can be sure your outdoor fireplace or pizza oven is safe to use.

As outdoor entertaining spaces grow in popularity, more and more families are turning to contractors just like us to install them into their homes. With so many different materials available for use, the possibilities are truly endless as to what you can have in your home, with many different options and styles for you to choose from. Our experienced team can discuss with you what you’d like installed into your home and come up with a design and style to suit your home that gives you the look and functionality you’re after. To discuss what we can help build for your home, contact us today.

Once a design and style have carefully been chosen, it’s time to move on to the construction process. As with most projects, the preparation of the area is paramount to ensuring a high-quality, long-lasting final product that you can be proud of for many years to come. We prepare all the materials and products required ahead of time so that the construction process is quick and easy, allowing you to enjoy your new outdoor entertainment area without long wait times and invasive construction procedures. Our contractors are trained in the correct construction techniques to help the process run smoothly and quickly, ensure a well finished product that is on time and budget.

The moment you decide on having an outdoor fireplace, grill or pizza oven, your focus will be on having it completed as quickly as possible so you can hurry up and use it right away. With most constructions, however, there may be waiting times involved as any adhesives or concrete cures, ensuring that the final product sets correctly and lasts you a lifetime. When you have friends and family over to enjoy your new fireplace or grill it can be easy for things to get out of hand, and you can end up accidentally causing damage to the feature. Our team have helped with this many times before and can come out and repair any issues that can present themselves. We also offering snow removal service.



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