Asphalt Repair and Maintenance

​​Asphalt Repair and Maintenance

Asphalt is a great material for driveways as it is hardwearing, smooth and easy to construct. When applied properly you are bound to get many years of great use out of it, not only providing you a smooth surface for you to park on but also a great area for your kids to play and ride their bikes in the summer. As time passes though, you will find cracks starting to appear in the surface, this is generally due to quick changes in the weather that can lead the ground to expand and contract, causing damage to your driveway.

If cracks and chips are left for too long, they can get bigger and become a much more expensive issue to fix, Getting on to it as soon as it appears is the best way to keep your driveway looking and feeling great all year, without large repair bills weighing you down. Paving Services Manassas Virginia are experts in all things asphalt and can quickly repair your driveway back to its former glory, filling in any gaps or cracks that have formed so that you can get back to using your driveway without having to worry about how it looks.

When asphalt is laid on a driveway a protective coating is usually put over the top to help seal the surface, preventing it from staining and protecting it from damage. This sealant slowly wears down over time and can leave your asphalt vulnerable to damage once it has worn off. Maintaining this top sealant is critical to extending the life of your asphalt driveway, allowing the sealant to protect the surface from damage. Paving Services Manassas Virginia can routinely check and recoat your driveway to make sure your investment is protected in the long term from damage and staining.

If the damage to your driveway is significant, or the original asphalt that was laid was done so poorly, the best and most cost-effective way to repair it may be to completely resurface it. This can be a much more labor intensive process but if you find your driveway is constantly needing repair work it may be a more effective option for the long term. We can remove the old asphalt and lay a new surface that is going to be more durable and reliable, not requiring constant repair. If you’d like us to come and inspect your driveway to assess the damage, head to our contact page to organize an inspection.

A big cause for expensive repairs that are required on asphalt is due to poor quality products being used to seal the top of the asphalt. A lot of wear and environmental damage can be prevented when higher quality products are used, the cost of these products are well worth offsetting the eventual repair costs that are required when the less durable products fail. We ensure that with all our asphalt construction and repair only the best products are applied to ensure the final surface we leave you with is able to withstand many years of laborious use without showing signs of damage.



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